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id : 936
type : PhD_Thesis
dateandtime : 2020-12-17 13:00:00
duration : 120 min.
Recommended duration for PhD thesis is 90 minutes, for other seminar types, it is 60 minutes. The duration specified here is used to reserve the room.
place : Webinar
Please check room availability from Room Scheduling page. You must use the same room name as used in the scheduling page if you want to automatically reserve the room.
departmental : yes
supervisors : PROF.DR.ERTAN ONUR
Supervisors field is applicable especially for a Thesis Defense
company : Computer Engineering Dept. Middle East Technical Univ.
country : Turkey
abstract : While clustering improves the scalability of ad hoc networks in comparison to flat topologies, it introduces additional challenges for resource scheduling when contention- free medium access is employed. This thesis addresses intra- and inter-cluster link scheduling problem in multi-channel ad hoc networks. A clustered network model as well as a novel inter-cluster link scheduling mechanism over Control and User Plane Separation structure is proposed. A resource distribution method that provides an ef- fective and efficient solution is presented for preventing inter-cluster interference. A link scheduling strategy responsive to instant communication demands and available resources as a non-linear optimization problem, which is then reduced to linear form, is formulated. Link scheduling optimization is solved as integer linear programming and the implementation results are discussed and analyzed. The simulation results of the optimizer show that the run time cost of the optimization function drastically increases by the parameter size growth. An iterative hıstory-based solution to de- crease the running time is proposed. The adaptation of the iterative history-based approach to the original optimization process makes the solution feasible and ensures near-optimal satisfaction and efficiency.

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